Having attended many staff development programs over my 29 year career, I can 
 say without reservation that Fred Wolff is truly the master of the master 
 teachers. His presentations are precisely planned to meet each school's unique 
 needs. His delivery, brilliance, manner, and level of professionalism are 
exemplary. Given a divergent group of new and seasoned teachers, Fred possesses 
 the unique quality of meeting all teachers’ needs. Any school interested in 
 raising test scores while implementing a state of the art writing program would 
 be wise to make Fred a key figure.
Our school district had the distinct pleasure of working with Fred Wolff over a 
 number of years. Initially, Fred inserviced all three middle school language 
 arts and history teachers. Administrators, teachers, and school board members 
 were so impressed that Fred was asked to continue working with teachers in the 
 classroom over several weeks. Additionally, he worked with district office 
 staff and led teachers to establish a five year writing plan and what a success 
 that plan has been. Because of Fred's assistance, our school has moved from 38% 
 of our students scoring advanced on the seventh grade writing proficiency test 
 to 89% scoring advanced, making it one of the top schools in California. 
 -Barbara Andrews

Calabasass, CA Middle School

During the 2007-08 school year, Fred Wolff worked with our secondary schools to implement the 6 Traits of Writing with teachers from a variety of content areas teaching grades 6-12. His enthusiastic and engaging presentation instantly captured the attention of our participants. Dr. Wolff's integration of reading to lead to good writing was seamless. Fred did an excellent job in working with our district to meet our needs and has a "whatever it takes" attitude to make this initiative successful. One veteran teacher shared with me the overwhelming feeling she had in regards to witnessing the modeling Fred's lesson with her students and even involved her in the activities.
  Here are some of our responses to his workshop:

• Fred Wolff was an effective presenter who was able to engage secondary teachers from across the curriculum by utilizing examples from various genres and subject areas.
• Our presenter did an excellent job engaging the audience. Also, I found the practical application (actually looking at students' writing and evaluating them) to be greatly beneficial.
• What a beneficial in-service. Fred Wolff was extremely knowledgeable on the Write Traits training and shared many examples that can be used in any content area.

 Mark D. Klauder

Director of Secondary Education

Citrus County Schools, Florida

Teachers and students have been very happy with Fred’s work over the course of the school year at Hills Garrison School. His demonstration lessons and focused meetings with teacher teams to discuss writing instruction have resulted in building teachers’ confidence, renewing their investment in the importance of student writing, and giving them a common language for discussing writing with students. Our teachers loved hearing the examples of traits selected from authentic literature, and his ease with children in the classroom was evident. Students were excited when Mr. Wolff was teaching a lesson and commenting on their writing, and teachers enjoyed having a writing coach encouraging them and modeling lessons. Our first year with Fred Wolff providing a day of on-site professional development monthly throughout the year was great, and we’re happy to have him back with us for a second year! Student writing improved as a direct result of teachers developing greater skill and ease with teaching writing. We highly recommend Fred as a writing mentor for teachers, and one who will surely generate interest and enthusiasm for writing!

Marilyn Martellini, Principal 

Hills Garrison School

Hudson, NH

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