Mr. Wolff was an amazing presenter. He displayed a passion for this program and helped out with my perception of teaching these traits. Mr. Wolff is creative, interactive, and energetic. I must admit, for the past week I pouted about coming to this seminar, but I’m so glad that I did. The traits just made my teaching of writing worthwhile. Thank you. 

-Teacher from Charlotte, NC
What are the Six Traits of writing?

The traits are:

Ideas (clarity, focus, quality details, strong support, documentation)
Organization (leads, sequencing, transitions, pacing, conclusion)
Voice (passion, enthusiasm that comes from knowledge, engagement of the reader, individuality)
Word Choice (precise language, strong verbs, sparing use of modifiers, words that paint pictures)
Sentence Fluency (crafting of sentences, rhythm of language, varied sentence beginnings and lengths)
Conventions (grammar, punctuation, usage, layout and presentation of text on the page).

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