This is by far the best writing workshop I have attended in my twenty-eight years of teaching. I feel better prepared to interest my students in the skill of written communication.

-Teacher from Mt. Pleasant, Texas

What is Six Traits?

The Traits model is a process and philosophy that builds upon writing process and writer’s workshop and provides three key ingredients to students and teachers: 

• a common language;
• clear, consistent and objective expectations for what quality writing looks like;
• a gateway into revision.

While many people see the Traits model as an assessment tool, which it clearly is, its real power lies in helping students understand what to do when they are asked to revise a piece of writing. Six Traits is not a program or a curriculum. While there are many materials available commercially to support Traits instruction, the key to successful utilization of the Traits is strong professional development for teachers.  
The Traits are a powerful tool across grade levels and content areas. Whether a first grade classroom, a fifth grade language arts classroom, a middle school social studies classroom, or a high school physics class, the Traits offer a dynamic and clear approach to help students write with confidence and competence.  


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